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Silver Lake Condos

As significant as the film industry’s stamp was in Los Angeles, the mid century modern architecture movement made an indelible mark on the hillside neighborhood known as Silver Lake. This charming bohemian community is the location for many significant works by some of the most renowned architects in the world. You will come across many properties, including Silver Lake Condos that have made their mark in history. 

The Golden Age of Hollywood created a housing boom in the 1920’s; the architects at the time turned to Silver Lake and Los Feliz as their canvas to introduce residences built in the modern style. Today, buildings like Manola Court by Rudolph Schindler – originally the Sachs Apartments – are still fully functional and offer some of the finest and most unique condominiums settings in the city. Many more Silver Lake condos are available throughout the community, in styles ranging from classic to contemporary. 

Silver Lake condos are perfect for the busy lifestyle, where you want the benefits of owning your own residence but with less maintenance. Many condos feature wonderfully landscaped settings, elements like swimming pools, and services including grounds keeping and 24-hour security. Light filled interiors are spacious and comfortable, and fully equipped kitchens and baths feature all of the state of the art appliances you expect. 

For more information on choosing the right Silver Lake condo for you, contact Michael Tunick today.

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